CDS Solutions

CDS Solutions is dedicated to promoting the use of uncertificated issues and electronic payment as an efficient and secure alternative to paper certificates and cheques.

CDS Securities Management Solutions Inc. (CDS Solutions) is a subsidiary of CDS Clearing and Depository Services Inc. CDS Solutions offers the following depository-related services to issuers and their agents to facilitate securities issuance and reporting of registered positions:

Confirmations of registered holdings

For security issues not covered under a Registrar and Paying Agent (RPA) agreement, CDS Solutions will provide a confirmation of registered holdings upon request for a fee.

Holders of record

The Holders of Record Reports service provides a listing of the CDS Clearing participants who hold positions at CDS for a requested security.

ISIN issuance and eligibility

CDS Solutions provides a single point of access for issuers, agents and underwriters to obtain ISINs and request CDS eligibility for their issues.

Registrar and paying agent

BEO issuers can enjoy all the benefits of CDS Clearing and Depository Services Inc.'s (CDS Clearing) reputation for security and reliability when they enter into a Registrar and Paying Agent agreement with CDS Solutions.

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