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Celebrating our past,
Modernizing our future






Diversification & Renewal


A work in progress


Preparing for the Future

CDS turns 50 years old in 2020

This is a pivotal milestone which has led us to reflect on what we’ve achieved in quality and service to our Participants, the Securities Industry and the Canadian Capital Markets over the last 50 years. We are an integral component of the TMX Group, Canada’s biggest capital formation ecosystem, allowing us to collaborate, innovate and create additional value for the benefit of all market participants.

Highlights from the last decade

Constantly Innovating

CDS reduced the number of physical certificates in CDS vault down to less than 1%, by converting to non certificated inventory (NCI) and received approval from regulators to eliminate the option for issuers to submit a new security format after Aug. 31st, 2017. This initiative began in 2016 as a part of the DBT - Doing Better Together process and is ongoing for remaining certs in Toronto and Montreal Office.

Innovation Doesn’t Stop Here

Equally important to reflecting on and celebrating our past, this milestone anniversary has created an opportunity for CDS to lay the foundation for the future. It drives us to continue to deliver While the past five decades allowed us to develop and grow an exhaustive body of knowledge and expertise, our software, systems and internal infrastructure have aged, becoming expensive and resource-intensive to maintain.

As a result, we have launched the Post-Trade Modernization (PTM) project, which will move CDS to a new scalable, reliable and a more flexible technology platform.