CDSX Entitlements Data Feed

CDSX® Entitlements Data Feed is a daily field-based text batch file which provides details related to 54 entitlement event types, including comprehensive corporate action information, for Canadian equity and debt securities. The data feed is available in two forms: the 7040 file which reports on active events and the 7041 file which reports all modifications of event information for the current day.

Mandatory, voluntary and distribution corporate actions are covered, including:

  • Cash and stock dividends
  • Interest payments
  • Maturities
  • Stock splits and consolidations
  • Rights and warrant issues
  • Spin-offs
  • Mergers
  • Purchase offers and plans of arrangement
  • Redemptions
Product Sheet, Specifications and/or Sample

You can access the product sheet in PDF format.

Frequency: Daily
Format: Text (.txt) file made up of seven record types
Delivery: FTP


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