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CDS Issuer Services are offered by CDS Clearing and Depository Services for Canadian securities issuers. We provide efficient processing solutions for all CDS depository-eligible securities to issuers, financial intermediaries and, indirectly, to security-holders.

ISIN Issuance and Eligibility

The ISIN Issuance service provides entities involved with the issuance of new marketable securities with the ability to request and purchase ISIN and CUSIP® identifiers online and The ISIN Eligibility service enables entities to request eligibility assessment and acceptance of marketable securities within CDSX®, the CDS clearing and depository system.

Legal Entity Identifier(LEI)

The LEI is an unique 20 character reference code defined in the ISO 17442:2012 standard used to identify a legally distinct entity that engages in financial transactions. Endorsed by the G20, the LEI supports authorities and market participants globally in identifying and managing financial risks.

CDS Professional Services

These services include general consulting and development related primarily to securities processing at CDS.

Fees - CDS Clearing

Contains information to CDS pertaining to CDS services and delivery fees.

Shareholder Meetings

Schedule of Shareholder meetings.

BEO Services

Information pertaining to Book Entry Only services.

Confirmation of Registered Holdings

The confirmation authenticates the quantity and/or specific details of the security, as well as any payments received by CDS & CO. as the registered holder.