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CDS NR7-R Certification Service

CDS NR7-R Certification Service (CNCS) is an online web facility for non-resident beneficial holder clients of DTCC's participants, who qualify to file a claim for a tax refund under Part XIII of the Income Tax Act of Canada. Beneficial holders or their agents may use this service to:

  • Complete an online application for a certificate of tax withheld
  • Pay for the certification service using VISA, MasterCard or AMEX
  • Print the completed certificate of tax withheld (provided in PDF format) in real time.

Customers using CNCS, benefit from the timely and efficient automated service, which eliminates the added time and cost of using couriers and making wire payments that were required for the previous NR7-R certification process that it replaced.

External users are advised to review the product sheet and use the online help provided.

Click here to access the CDS NR7-R Certification Service Homepage