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Canadian Collateral Management Service

Optimize Triparty Collateral Management and Reduce Operational Risk

As the Canadian secured finance industry grows, so does the need for efficient triparty collateral management solutions. The Canadian Collateral Management Services (CCMS) is an innovative solution that optimizes and automates domestic triparty Repurchase Agreement services throughout the transaction's lifecycle.

The First Domestic Triparty Collateral Management Service in Canada
In Partnership with Clearstream

CCMS is a collaboration between TMX Post-Trade Innovations Inc., an indirect, wholly-owned subsidiary of TMX Group Limited, and Clearstream, the international central securities depository (ICSD) of Deutsche Börse Group. The CCMS facilitates the use of repo as an investment product, especially with the upcoming cessation of Banker’s Acceptance and an industry shift to the T+1 settlement cycle in 2024.

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With CCMS, market participants can:


Optimize collateral with real-time substitution throughout the business day


Connect currently fragmented collateral pools into automated collateral rails across the market
Go Beyond Investment Process Efficiency
1- Collateral upgrade/ downgrade trades
2- Increased ability for buy-side usage
3- Leveraging existing connectivity to CDS and Participants
4 - Full automation of repo lifecycle across baskets of assets
5 - Inventory optimization

The CCMS makes it easier for clients to onboard and streamline their investment process. It leverages Clearstream’s close market interaction and experience to help Canadian buy and sell-side market participants manage risks and liquidity more efficiently. It also enables clients to benefit from various funding sources, collateral mobility and outsourced settlement and administrative functions.

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