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Issuer Services

CDS Issuer Services are offered by CDS Clearing and Depository Services for Canadian securities issuers. We provide efficient processing solutions for all CDS depository-eligible securities to issuers, financial intermediaries and, indirectly, to security-holders.

CDS Issuer Services works directly with issuers and their authorized representatives in support of the many steps in securities issuance, administration, and entitlement processing. CDS is Canada's National Numbering Agency for issuing ISIN identifiers. We assess securities for eligibility in the Canadian Depository, facilitate timely communication between issuers and their stakeholders, and process and distribute critical entitlement and corporate event information to Issuers' investors in respect of CDS-eligible securities.

Our services:

  • Ensure the prompt assignment of International Security Identification Numbers (ISINs) to prospective securities
  • Work with Issuers or their agents to ensure that their securities are rapidly made eligible for deposit with CDS Clearing and Depository Services Inc. (CDS), Canada's designated and recognized clearing and settlement system
  • Provide access to robust, reliable, and efficient entitlement processing infrastructure and we manage asset transfers resulting from corporate action events
  • Coordinate investor instructions and the timely communication of these instructions to issuers and their representatives
  • Enable the secure and seamless transfer of trillions of dollars of entitlement payments from issuers to beneficial holders each year
  • Facilitate electronic transmission of large value payments, reducing the cost and risk associated with cheques and tracking of lost or outstanding payments
  • Act as a central conduit for disseminating entitlement and corporate action information to financial intermediaries and their beneficial security-holders
  • Provide an electronic register of dematerialized securities, reducing processing time, the risk of forged, lost, or stolen certificates, and the potential for missed elections on corporate actions

Our ongoing commitment is to work with issuers, and other industry stakeholders, to identify ways to enhance our processes and to seek solutions to address operational inefficiencies.

Count on Us

We are here to help if you have any questions or would like further information about CDS Issuer Services.

Legal Entity Identifier (LEI)

The LEI is an unique 20 character reference code defined in the ISO 17442:2012 standard used to identify a legally distinct entity that engages in financial transactions. Endorsed by the G20, the LEI supports authorities and market participants globally in identifying and managing financial risks.

CDS Professional Services

CDS Innovations offers professional services to CDS Participants, issuers of securities eligible for deposit with CDS, and other market participants.

Shareholder Meetings

CDS Clearing compiles and summarizes information on shareholder meetings and record dates gathered from a variety of sources.

Confirmation of Registered Holdings

CDS will provide a confirmation of registered holdings upon request for a fee.